Training Seminar

Comments from Advisor Yoshiko Sugiyama

Personal history:
Registered Nurse
Senior Researcher, Research and Development Division, Paramount Bed Co., Ltd.
Former full-time medical safety manager at Japanese Red Cross Musashino Hospital

Brief self-introduction

I have worked as a nurse for 40 years and have been employed as a risk manager for 8 years.
At present I am an advisor to Paramount Bed Co., Ltd., where I give advice in product development and use my experience to give lectures and other presentations to customers both in Japan and overseas.

Issues in nursing in Japan, and similarities overseas

While there are a wide range of potential risks in hospitals, two problems in Japan (that is heading towards a very high proportion of senior citizens in its population) are: dementia, and in particular injuries caused by falls.
How is the situation in your hospital? In the several times I have given lectures overseas, I feel that I have come across the same problems.

My message to the readers

I believe that in addition to initiatives throughout hospitals, the share of know-how that manufacturers have that relates to the making of products for medical care environments is extremely useful in solving these issues.
In sharing my experience as both a nurse and a risk manager with all of you,
I will be happy if it leads to improvements in patients' recuperative environments.