President’s Message

Message from the President

Paramount Bed was established in 1947 as a specialist in manufacturing hospital bed

Since then, we have not only leveraged our advanced technology to develop state-of-the-art products; we have also insisted on the highest quality, and even established a department dedicated to quality. Our production department continually pursues progress in the latest production facilities. As a result, Paramount Bed products receive high evaluations from customers and have long maintained the top share in Japan’s highly developed medical care and nursing bed market.

The scope of Paramount Bed operations is not limited to Japan; we are also striving to develop markets outside Japan. We have associated companies in 8 countries. Today, we deliver our products to over 110 countries worldwide. Nevertheless, we aim to achieve a further increase worldwide in the future, building on our unique technology developed by listening to user requests for over 70 years.

Our aspiration is to share business successes with our associates through partnership with Paramount Bed and to contribute to the development of progress in medical care and welfare worldwide through our products and services. This goal also motivates all our employees in their work.

Going forward, we are determined to respond appropriately to changes in the business environment and continue accepting a steady stream of challenges, striving to maximize innovation and enhance Paramount Bed corporate value. I sincerely thank you for your loyalty and ask for your constant support in all of our operations.

Kyosuke Kimura
President and Chief Executive Officer