Penguin Support

  • Penguin Support

The Penguin Support is a positioning device that is used to change the position of patients to lateral recumbent and adjust their sleeping position. By attaching the Penguin Support to the bed's side-rail or another stationary object, patients can be kept in the lateral recumbent position temporarily. This enables caregivers to complete tasks such as changing diapers and cleaning of the patient easily and safely.


  • Helps the Patient Remain in a Lateral Recumbent Position

    The Penguin Support can be easily secured to the bed (side-rail, collapsible side-rail or swing assist bar) using its fasteners, thus allowing the patient to remain in a lateral recumbent position.

    Hassle-free and Easy to Use

    The Penguin Support is made of a smooth material, which enables it to slide under the patient easily.

    Easy to Cleaning for Improved Hygiene

    The surface of the Penguin Support is treated with a water-repellent finish that allows it to be wiped down, hand-washed or disinfected for better hygiene maintenance.



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