Everfit Light ™ Mattress

Sleep Tight, Sleep Right.

A mattress specialty designed to promote ultimate comfort and patient safety.


  • Reversible Usage

    Everfit Light consists of soft fit foam on one side and firm fit foam on the other, and both sides can be used depending on the patient’s needs. This also means that there is no need for medical personnel to prepare two different types of mattresses.
    [Soft Fit Foam]
    Promotes even distribution of body pressure. Adjusts to the physical shape of the patient’s body to ensure comfort.
    [Firm Fit Foam]
    Provides ample support to the patient’s body.

    Pressure Reduction

    Even at a thickness of only 90mm, Everfit Light mattress has excellent pressure relieving properties. It enables an even distribution of body pressure, thus reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.

    Easy Mobilization

    The mattress supports the patient’s natural shifting of sleeping positions during sleep, thus allowing medical personnel to carry out their work with greater ease. It also comes with a stiff side edge which helps to stabilize the patient when sitting on the edge of the bed as it does not sink down. The patient can also place their hands on the side edge for support when getting up from the bed.

    KIND Motion

    By using the “KIND motion” function, body slippage is reduced and the posture during back raise can be firmly maintained via a combination of back and knee movements.

    Kyma Line Bottom

    The flexible connecting piece that is affixed to the mattress base is a device originally developed by Paramount Bed. When the back is raised, it conforms to the contours of the body and curves while extending.



Total Length (cm)

191 *1

Total Width (cm)


Total Thickness (cm)


*1 Width 83 or 91 cm type only