Nemuri SCAN

Monitor Sleep, Conditions for Peace of Mind.

  • Nemuri SCAN

Data measurements can be recorded easily just by placing Nemuri SCAN beneath the mattress and turning on the switch. All data will be automatically in the device and can be viewed and managed with ease on a computer and smartphone.


  • Timely Caregiving with Peace of Mind

    The user’s sleep-wake activities in the room can be monitored real-time. An alarm on the computer or mobile phone will sound when there is any change in activity (e.g. from sleep to wake). Understanding a user’s sleep patterns will prove useful in deciding when to provide caregiving at night as it is now possible to administer care during the time period when the user is awake, thus minimizing any disturbance on the user. Heart Rate and Respiration Rate can also be monitored so that caregivers can respond to medical situations in time.

    Individual Care, Prompt Update

    The sleep patterns of each individual can be recorded, which not only helps in improving the day and night caregiving plan, but can also be shared with the user’s family via a sleep diary.



Total Length (mm)


Total Width (mm)


Total Thickness (mm)

18 *1

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)


*1 Sheet part: 10mm