Nemuri SCAN

Knowing sleep, working smart

  • Nemuri SCAN

Nemuri SCAN sensor, a contact-free patient sensor, continuously measures sleep state, heart rate (HR) and respiratory rate (RR) to help caregivers with patient assessment and planning care. The measured data can be accessed from remote locations.


  • Timely Caregiving to Optimize Efficiency

    A notification on the central monitor and/or mobile device will sound when there is a change in activity, such as the patient waking. The quick notification can elicit prompt patient assessment to determine if immediate or follow-up intervention is required.

    Individualized Sleep Care

    Sleep data log monitoring with Nemuri SCAN sensor can support sleep optimization by allowing the caregiver to identify and assess patients with sleeping difficulties. The plan of care can be adjusted as needed and bundling of care can be done based on patient’s sleep state. Such actions, combined with patient education and cross-functional input on the plan of care, can result in improved sleep and patient satisfaction.

    Early Assessment

    Heart rate(HR) and respiratory rate (RR) are also displayed to help caregivers respond quickly to patient’s condition change(s). If continuous measuring of HR and RR identifies paramaters outside the notification setting, the Nemuri SCAN sensor will send a notification through the central monitor and/or a mobile device to inform the caregiver.



Total Length (cm/inch)


Total Width (cm/inch)


Total Thickness (cm/inch)


User's Weight

User's Weight (kg)

30 to 180

User's Weight

User's Weight (lb)

66.1 to 396.8

*1 Sheet part: 10mm