Generous Room Brings First-class Comfort.

Providing a comfortable and efficient care environment.
To patients who spend much time receiving treatment, it is important that care is provided in a comfortable environment.
L'za provides patients with a comfortable environment within which to receive treatment and is designed to be conductive to the productivity of medical personnel.


  • Generous Seat Size

    Patients can feel uncomfortably restrained during treatment. To reduce the discomfort, the L’za Series Chair widens towards the head and foot ends of the seat, allowing patients to move their head and upper torso as well as legs freely. The L’za Series Chair also features wide armrests (16cm wide) affording space for patients to place their forearms in the position that feels most comfortable for them.

    Easily Adjustable Foot Rest for Cramp Prevention

    By using the lever on the side of the seat, the footrest is adjustable. This allows users to place their foot firmly on the footrest and adjust their sitting position on their own. Sitting for extended durations often leads to cramps in the calf muscles. Using the footrest for resistance, cramps can be assuaged by stretching the calf muscles. The cylindrical form of the footrest allows the feet to rest comfortably on the footrest regardless of a user’s physical dimensions or sitting position.

    Low Seat Height at 450mm

    A low seat height allows the patient to place his heels firmly on the floor as he stands up from the chair.

    Facilitating Needle Insertion

    The armrest can be pivoted in the horizontal plane about the elbow end by up to 45 degrees, thereby making it easier for caregivers to insert needles into patients as is required during dialysis, intravenous chemotherapy and blood donation. In turn, caregiver productivity is increased.

    Emergency Back-lowering Lever

    In an emergency, trendelenburg position can be selected with the pull of a lever.



Back Raise (degree)

-12 to 75

Knee Raise (degree)

-30 to 12

Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg (degree)



Total Length (mm)

1,699 *1
1,662 *2


Total Width (mm)

750 *3

Total Height (mm)

1,329-1,639 *4

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)


*1 3 motor type

*2 2 motor type

*3 With arm rest:1,322mm

*4 3 motor type

*5 2 motor type