KM-3 Series

Exceptional Performance for Improved Efficiency.

  • KM-3 Series

Exceptional Performance.
Reliable and convenient, paired with the flexibility for different position adjustments, the KM-30 Series will cater to your professional medical needs for outstanding work efficiency.


  • Simple, Intuitive Pedal Operation*

    All operations can be executed with the foot pedals. Pedals are built around the same area for maximum convenience during use. Obtain your preferred position with just 2 simple steps.
    *KM-301/302 only

    Dual Power Control System*

    The KM-302 offers you the choice of a manual or electric adjustment. For electric positioning, continuously depress the power pedal after selecting your desired position.
    *KM-302 only

    Interchangeable Head Section Base/ Foot Section Base Positions

    The head section base and foot section base can be swapped easily.

    Easy X-ray Imaging

    A cassette tunnel for the tray is a standard feature. The cassette can be inserted from the head end or the foot end. The insertion position can be selected to match the imaged area or the patient’s pose, to avoid impeding efficient work.



Back Section Base Angle (degree)

-40 to 60

Head Section Base Angle (degree)

-90 to 45

Leg Section Base Angle (degree)

-90 to 18


Total Length (mm)



Total Width (mm)


Table Top Height (mm)

680 - 1,020