Paramount Bed A5 series

For Safer Healing Environment.

Made for the Healing Journey.
Recovering patients require a nurturing environment where they can recuperate with peace of mind. Placing particular emphasis on safety, Paramount Bed A5 Series is designed to mitigate accidents. In addition to safety, the beds are also designed for usability, easy cleaning, and easy maintenance.


  • Fall Prevention (from the bed)

    Practical features such as side-rails that move along with the back section of the bed minimize the risk of patients falling when resting in a flat or upright position. The Paramount Bed A5 Series also has a low bed height of 450mm*1, which reduces injuries should the patient fall from the bed. For additional safety, foot spacers can be attached between the footboard and the side-rail.
    *1 When used with 100mm CE-025341E Mattress

    Fall Prevention (When Standing Up from the Bed)

    A low bed height of 350mm*2 ensures that patients can firmly place their heels on the floor while the ergonomic side-rail design provides patients with additional support when standing up. The beds feature a gapless design between the bed frame and side-rails for maximum stability as patients sit by the bed and when they stand up.
    *2 Height from floor to mattress base surface

    Safety in Design

    The Paramount Bed A5 Series complies thoroughly with the IEC 60601-2-52 standard through its sturdy construction and safety features. For greater care, the beds adopt a gapless design between its components to reduce situations where patients get caught between the gaps.

    Instruction Manual



Back Raise (degree)

0 to 70

Knee Raise (degree)

0 to 25

Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg (degree)

-12 to 12 *2


Total Length (mm)

2,200 *1


Total Width (mm)


Mattress Base Height (mm)

350 to 700

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)


*1 With extension frame: 2,300

*2 CA-54380