Stretch Fit

While Sleeping, When Back Raising...

  • Stretch Fit

Add excellent pressure reduction by urethane foam.


  • Side-edges Work to Easily Stabilize Sitting on Side

    Use firmer urethane foam on both side of the mattress makes stable sitting posture on side and getting in to or out of the bed.

    Providing Support for Lumbar, posterior, and femoral region by area

    Constructed of a soft material designed to natural and comfortable sleeping position. Gently support the lumber and femoral regions and lift up the person's posterior, the area most affected by gravity.

    Easy to Move by unique 2-layer

    Easy to turn with its unique Paramount Bed designed structure constructed of polyester material and urethane foam.

    Stretch with Wave Patterned Structure

    Stretch and expand to accommodate movement during back raising operation by unique "Cross-line Structure" which comes wave-shaped polyester material envelops the posterior region.

    Anchor Support Keeps Posture

    When back raise, firm urethane foam serves as an anchor to keep the person from sliding downward toward the foot.

    Exercise Excellent Pressure reduction by Stretch System and Urethane Foam

    Top cushion with profiles treatment urethane foam effectively disperses and diverts pressure affecting the certain part of the body.



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