Cococia Riraku flow

Comfort through flowing air

  • Cococia Riraku flow


  • Quick Start

    When the power is turned on, it takes about 10 minutes to start up thanks to the large capacity pump.

    Auto Setting

    When the user is placed on the mattress, i-fitting (automatic firmness operation function) starts. The system analyzes the air flow inside the mattress.

    Small Flow Function

    Four curved air cells called “small flow cells” repeat expansion and contraction in a clockwise direction, once every 15 minutes, and automatically make small changes.

    Back Support Function

    When the back angle of the bed is more than about 30°, the four small flow cells inflate simultaneously to support the posture when the back is raised.

    Max. Inflate Mode

    The system detects when the user gets up, turns to the edge of the mattress, or sits on the edge, and automatically increases the internal pressure of the entire mattress to make it firm.

    Instruction Manual



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