Everproud Mattress

Smooth surface sound sleep

  • Everproud Mattress

Excellent Body Pressure Dispersion with 5 Layers of Urethane Foam*
*Amongst Paramount Bed Mattresses


  • Body Pressure Dispersion

    Five layers of foam with different levels of elasticity provide different body pressure distributions. Levels can be selected to suit the patient’s ADL.

    Moisture Reduction

    ‘Sara-surface’ prevents the absorption of moisture into the mattress, by superficially absorbing it and releasing it through a surface not in contact with the body. As damp skin is a risk factor for bedsores, ‘Sara-surface’ attenuates the chances of this condition.

    Comfort for Patient and Nurse

    Linear slits made in the third layer and side edge of the mattress allow the bed much more flexibility in its movement. This reduces discomfort experienced during back-raise.



Total Length (cm)

191 *1
200 *2

Total Width (cm)

91 or 83 *1
86 *2

Total Thickness (cm)


*1 KE-621/623U

*2 KE-628UY