Bassinet Cart DC

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  • Bassinet Cart DC

The Bassinet cart for DC is the ideal tool of recuperation for the precious one, with its organic design taking inspiration from the leaves of nature.


  • Designed for Family Togetherness

    Ample space around the foot area of the bassinet cart reduces the distance between family members and the baby, bringing them closer together.

    Height and Inclination Angle Adjustment and Noise Reduction Casters

    The bassinet height can be adjusted to allow for easy transportation and changing of diapers. The Inclination angle can be adjusted by a gas spring lever operation to a desired position for easy handling and smooth motion. Smooth rotating 100mm dia. casters with stoppers at each corner provide quiet movement.

    Additional Accessories

    Variety of additional accessories can be attached to Bassinet Cart DC.



Inclination Angle (degree)

0 to 6


Total Length (mm)


Total Width (mm)


Total Height (mm)

810 to 1,060

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)