VitalGo Total Lift Bed ™

Early Mobility at the Push of a Button ™

Recent studies around the world continue to find that early mobility programs for patients can substantially improve their lives, not only physically, but mentally as well. With this bed, many barriers that previously hindered a patient from becoming mobile have been removed, and the recovery of a patient in the ICU can be made a much more safe and stable process, motivating for patient and health-care personal alike.


  • Progressive Upright Mobility

    The groundbreaking Total Lift Bed can tilt up to 82°, and is capable of stopping at any angle in between. This gives the patient the benefit of being able to be upright when they’re ready, while taking small steps to get there.

    At the Push of a Button

    Rehabilitation doesn’t have to be only an hour a day. Should the patient really have to lie around for the other 23 hours? Now, with just the push of a button, patients can experience mobility at any time of day, with only 1-2 caregivers needed, while minimizing risk of injury to both medical personnel and patients themselves.

    Standing Front Egress

    When the patient is ready to walk, exiting the bed is a very smooth and easy process. The upright position of the bed brings the patient to a standing position without bending at the spine or the hips, level with the floor, so they can easily take their first steps from the bed.



Back Raise (degree)

0 to 63

Knee Raise (degree)

0 to 25


Total Length (mm)

2,180 *1
2,280 *2

Total Width (mm)



Mattress Base Height (mm)

460 to 750

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)


*1 Neutral

*2 Extended