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Development of New Tools for Children in Treatment to Understand Medical Procedures

Development of New Tools for Children in Treatment to Understand Medical Procedures

In collaboration with NPO Cheer Art (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Chairman: Yukari Iwata),

we have developed a tool, "Pre-Palette," to explain the purpose and content of examinations, treatments,

and surgeries to pediatric patients in an easy-to-understand manner (preparation).

It will be provided to those interested who require pediatric medical care, starting July 1st.


[Development Background]

"Preparation" aims to create a coping ability for pediatric patients aged 3 to 7 years old through their full understanding and

comprehension of the medical practice they will undergo. It is mainly performed by nurses, and is explained visually using dolls

and picture books. Although there are specialized tools, there were only a few that represented spaces such as operating rooms

and examination rooms, or that were compact and easy to carry.


[Product Summary]

The "Pre-Palette" was developed to be used immediately after opening, referencing a pop-up picture book.

It is easy to carry with the handle, and can be stored in thin, compact spaces.

As a set, there are "background cards'' (3 types), depicting spaces such as operating rooms where treatments

and examinations are performed, item parts" (14 types) that depict syringes and stethoscopes,

and "personal parts" (2 types). While looking at the necessary parts and playing together,

nurses and other healthcare professionals can visually show the patients what will happen in the future.

In addition to developing products related to pediatric medicine, we have made proposals that will lead to

improvements in the medical treatment environment, such as hospital room interior work and pediatric bed rentals.

NPO Cheer Art has created a space to solve relatively hidden problems in the medical field.

Through such efforts, both companies shared their current status and issues regarding preparation,

and arrived at the development of this tool.


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