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Electric Bed for ICU "ALIUS Series ICU Bed" Wins 2020 Good Design Award

Our low-height medical electric bed, the "ALIUS Series ICU Bed," able to support from critically ill patients in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) to helping patients stand during early recovery, received the "2020 Good Design Award,” sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.


The "ALIUS Series ICU Bed" is an electric medical bed with a function that, in order to prevent complications and help recover physical function,

raises the back while tilting the entire bed and lowering the toes, so that the critically ill patient can sleep in a posture similar to a sitting position.

Equipped with a railing that spans the entire surface, even when the back is raised, it reduces the risk of seriously ill patients with an unstable posture from falling from either side.
In addition, we have improved some functions, such as a high-precision scale that can measure within an error range of 50 grams up to 50 kilograms of body weight,

and a out-of-bed sensor that notifies when the patient gets up or gets out of bed. In addition, for early rehabilitation, the patient can adjust the bed to a low floor height

that allows them to sit on the edge of the bed, with the soles of their feet on the floor, and a "Assist Grip" can be attached that supports the patient’s standing. In addition,

weight reduction and its space-saving structure improve the transportability of the bed.  According to the judges’ evaluation, they explained that "as an electric bed that
deals from acute medical care in the ICU to early recovery and getting out of bed, with a new back-raising mechanism that allows a near-sitting position to be taken,

and a low height as well as a hand-grip to support getting out of bed, it incorporates new functions to promote the early recovery of patients and shows us the future of medical beds.


In addition to the consideration given to operating safely in cooperation with medical equipment, by closely following the recovery of the patient's physical functions through multiple touchpoints,
such as the integration of patient-attending functions, like the high-precision weight scale and the out-of-bed sensor, this bed has been optimized realistically for the medical environment."  

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