What is “Paramount Bed Quality” ?

We produce products with the highest commitment to quality at every stage from design to manufacturing.

Design Quality

During design, we use 3D CAD to simulate strength and motion. At the prototype stage, we implement durability tests and various load tests, not only complying with IEC International Standards but also using our own "Paramount Standards," taking our designs one step further.

Universal Design

Universal Design is an approach aimed at developing products and buildings that can be used easily by anyone, regardless of circumstance or surrounding conditions. The seven principles of Universal Design listed below were compiled by the Center for Universal Design at North Carolina State University, under Ronald Mace, following enactment of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). Three addenda have also been added to illustrate practical product design approaches.

Seven Principles and three addenda of Universal Design

Principle 1: Equitable Use

Principle 2: Flexibility

Principle 3: Simple and Intuitive Use

Principle 4: Perceivable Information

Principle 5: Error Tolerance

Principle 6: Minimal Physical Effort

Principle 7 :Size and Space for Approach and Use

Addendum 1: Durability and Economy

Addendum 2: Quality and Aesthetics

Addendum 3: Health and Environment

Manufacturing Quality

Based on thorough quality control, we efficiently manufacture high-quality, safe and reliable products by integrating production processes from raw material processing to assembly. In addition, we employ a strict inspection system for finished products and take all possible measures to ensure that our customers can use our high-quality products with confidence

Thorough Quality Control
■Raw Materials

We maintain uniform quality with robot-based pressing and welding.

■Coating (Electrodeposition/
Powder Coating)

By using a double coating consisting of both an electrodeposition coating and a powder coating, our products achieve high durability, offering rust resistance and excellent properties in terms of chemical resistance, a beautiful finish, and improved safety.
By wiping down daily, you can keep our beds in new condition, and the longer you use our products the more you will appreciate their high quality.

- Electrodeposition Coating:

A uniform coating can be formed even on complicated structures, and high durability is achieved.

- Powder Coating:

It is possible to coat optimally according to the shape of each part, and the coating is scratch-resistant due to its thickness, and also offers excellent chemical resistance.

■In-process Inspection

We conduct detailed inspections by hand.

■Assembly / Inspections

We implement thorough procedure management to prevent human error, and we check operation one product at a time after assembly.

■Assembly / Inspections

All of above images are of Chiba Factory (Japan)

We repeat ” KAIZEN” * for all the above steps, and work to improve quality further. We implement quality control at our production bases around the world based on the know-how we have accumulated in Japan in order to deliver products that you can use with confidence.

* KAIZEN continuous improvements.