After Sales Service

Client Satisfaction

Service does not stop at the post of sale. At Paramount Bed, we provide follow-up services to maintain client satisfaction, even in the long run.

Client Satisfaction


Bed inspection service

Inspection of beds and other equipment.

Bed inspection service with maintenance

Inspection of beds and other equipment. Maintenance will be conducted if necessary.

Bed cleaning service

Cleaning and removal of dust and dirt on beds and other equipment.


In-house service

Paramount staff will be stationed in hospitals to provide long-term product maintenance services and nursing care assistance.


10 maintenance centers and 1 call center in Japan to respond quickly to enquiries regarding maintenance and repair services for beds and equipment.

Creating an Optimal Environment for Medical Treatments

At Paramount Bed, we strive to achieve optimum environments for medical treatments. We provide maintenance services for medical beds and acquisition support by offering customized proposals for the purchase, installation or lease of beds.

*Situation vary from country to country. For more information, please ask Paramount Bed.