I-Care 2 DS

Because We Care for a Patient's Early Recovery.

With Paramount Bed's I-Care 2 series, you will be able to maximize the safety of the patient while effectively rehabilitating him back to health with minimal incidents.


  • Digital Scale Features

    [Monitoring Function]
    •When measuring the weight change of the patient, an alarm will sound if the weight change exceeds the set values.
    [Pause Function]
    •With the pause function, mattresses and other objects can be added or removed from the bed without affecting the weight measurement.
    [Memory Function]
    •11 sets of data can be stored for monitoring purposes.
    [Stored Data Access]
    •Stored data can be accessed easily. BMI values can also be checked by entering the height of the patient.

    Side-rail Anti-tampering Lock Feature

    Keeps patient safely within the bed by preventing the side-rail lock from being released when the patient is leaning against the side-rail. This prevents the patient from falling over when he is attempting to lower the side-rail by himself.

    Side-rail Effective Height

    By raising the side-rail effective height, the risk of falling from the bed by climbing over the side-rail is reduced.

    Rehabilitation towards Recovery

    Patients must be able to sit up in a secured and stable posture before getting off from the bed and standing firmly on their feet. The low bed height and side-rail of I-Care2 series bed can help the patient achieve a more secured sitting position.



Back Raise (degree)

0 to 75

Knee Raise (degree)

0 to 45

Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg (degree)

-16 to 16


Total Length (mm)

2,175 *1


Total Width (mm)


Mattress Base Height (mm)

430 to 810

*1 2,320mm with extension frame