Qualitas Nx

A place where patients experience superior care

Recovering patients require a nurturing environment where they can recuperate with peaceof mind. Studies have shown that a substantial number of adverse medical events involvefalls. Placing particular emphasis on safety, the Qualitas Nx bed is designed to reduce the risk of incidents and provide superior care.


  • Lowest Bed Height 35 cm

    With a bed height as low as 35 cm*, Qualitas Nx provides stability for your patients getting in and out of bed.

    Gapless Side-rail

    Qualitas Nx has a minimal gap between the mattress deck and side-rail while stored, allowing patients to sit on the edge of the bed easily.

    Removable Mattress Deck and Smooth Surface for Easy Cleaning

    The mattress deck is designed to be easily removed* and wiped down. The headboard, footboard and side-rails are also designed with a smooth surface to facilitate cleaning and disinfection.

    Instruction Manual



Head Angle (degree)

0 to 70

Knee Angle (degree)

0 to 25

Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg (degree)

-12 to 12*


Total Length (cm)



Total Width (cm)


Total Height (cm)

77 to 112

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)


with extension frame : 252

When the side-rail is raised.

4 motor only