Paramount Bed A5 Manual type

For a safer healing environment

  • Paramount Bed A5 Manual type


  • Safety in Design

    The Paramount Bed A5 Series complies with the requirements stipulated in IEC60601-2-52 meant to reduce the risk of patient entrapment in and around side-rails.

    Ergonomic Resin Side-rails

    A low bed height ensures that patients can firmly place their heels on the floor while the ergonomic side-rail design provides patients with additional support when standing up. The beds feature a gapless design between the bed frame and side-rails for maximum stability as patients sit by the bed and when they stand up.

    Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

    Maintenance staff and medical personnel can easily remove or raise sections of the mattress base for easy cleaning and convenient top-down parts replacement.

    Collapsible Type Side-rails

    Visibility through this side-rail provides patients with a sense of openness while allowing medical personnel to be more readily aware of a patient’s condition.

    Instruction Manual



Head Angle (degree)

0 to 70

Knee Angle (degree)

0 to 25 *1


Total Length (cm)


Total Width (cm)



Mattress Base Height (cm)

95.5 *2
75.5 to 110.5 *3

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)


*1 2 crank and 3 crank type only

*2 1 crank and 2 crank type with caster model

*3 3 crank type with caster model