Safety through sensation

In a Position with Feet Close to the Floor, Our “KIND PLUS Motion” * Assists the Patient while Getting Out of Bed.
*4 motor type only


  • An All New Motion, Bed Incorporating Both Knee and Back Movement.

    KIND PLUS Motion greatly reduces the slippage and pressure felt while using conventional hospital beds. Also, by bending the knees slightly while raising the back, the patient is put in a stable position to easily get out of bed.

    Movement with Ease and Comfort

    Because of how the bed is inclined, the knees are bent with the lower legs in a lower position, and the pelvis is easily straightened. With the pelvis as such, the femur and buttocks support the body weight, promoting movement while preventing fatigue.

    Accurately Sensing Patient Movement with the “Bed Exit Alarm III”

    Weight sensors built into the bed detect changes in weight on top of the bed. With the Nurse-Call Relay Unit (sold separately), the bed is directly connected to the nurse station, which will be informed if there is any movement.

    Low Bed Height for Safety

    One design has a 22 cm gap between the floor and bed. This has the effect of reducing impact in the event of a fall. For those who want an even higher level of safety, a 15.5cm version is also available.



Head Angle (degree)

0 to 75

Knee Angle (degree)

0 to 30


Total Length (cm)

210.9 *1
210 *2
209.6 *3

Total Width (cm)



Mattress Base Height (cm)

20 to 63

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)


*1 Modern type wooden board

*2 Basic wooden board

*3 Resin Board