Paramount Bed A3 Series

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  • Side-rail Effective Height 34cm

    By raising the effective side-rail height, the risk of falling from the bed by climbing over the side-rail is reduced.

    Fall Prevention (Ergonomic Grip Design)*

    Headboard and footboard can be used as grips. They provide additional support and increases the stability of patients when they are standing up.
    *Resin board type only.

    Easy Transportation

    Paramount Bed A3 series achieves weight reduction of about 20% compared to the previous model. In addition, easy-to-grip headboard and footboard improve the ergonomics for medical personnel and further facilitate easy navigation and handling during transportation.

    Easy-to-clean Mattress Deck

    Maintenance staff and medical personnel can easily raise sections of the mattress base for easy cleaning.

    VIP Model

    Paramount Bed A3 series VIP model is also available. For more information, please ask Paramount Bed.



Back Raise (degree)

0 to 75

Knee Raise (degree)

0 to 45


Total Length (cm)


Mattress Base Height (cm)

50 *1


Mattress Base Height (mm)

40 to 73 *2

*1 2 motor type

*2 3 motor type