Banana Turn

Fine fit for patient posture

By assisting our patient’s posture through pressure distribution and tension relief, we've created a new kind of easy-use, easy-fit products.


  • Various Sizes and Shapes

    Comes in choice of sizes and shapes corresponding to different areas of one’s body.

    Super-fine Powder-Snow Foam

    Finely, randomly cut urethane foam is easily shaped, as well as keeps that shape. Soft and fluffy, it creates a nicer fit with one’s body. (BananaFit Positioning Pillow only)

    Other Feature

    Both Washable type and Water Proof type available.



Total Length (cm)

140 *1
109 *2
46 *3

Total Width (cm)

42 *1
31 *2
21 *3

*1 L size

*2 M size

*3 S size