Emergency Cart

Organizing Emergency Needs at Your Fingertips.

  • Emergency Cart


  • Drawer

    The drawers of the medical cart come in three different depth and sizes. Specially designed dividers in the drawers also allow for easy classification and management of medication and other diagnostic materials. The adjustable dividers help to keep things organized in a systematic way according to one's needs.


    The 125mm diameter casters come with a diagonal locking system to prevent the cart from being moved unintentionally. One of the casters is anti-static, which minimizes any any risk of electrostatic discharge and ensure reliable use in a hospital ward.

    Single Key Lock System

    All drawers can be locked down with just one single key lock. This function enhances work efficiency and prevents any drawer from being left unlocked by accident. For safety reasons, more than two drawers cannot be opened at the same time when the drawer key is in the unlocked position.

    One-time Serial Lock System

    An original and disposable one-time serial lock can be used for the effective management of emergency care items. The lock can be set in place once all medication and other diagnostic materials have been placed in the cart. Thus, there is no need to re-check cart contents while it is sealed. Medical personnel can have quick access to the contents of the cart by easily removing the lock.



Total Length (mm)


Total Width (mm)


Total Height (mm)


* without IV pole