Metis PRO

Revolutionized for Early Patient Recovery.

Metis PRO, with its early adoption of Paramount Bed's unique back raise mechanism and fall prevention alarm system.


  • Revolutionary KIND PLUS Motion

    KIND PLUS motion, Paramount Bed's unique motion control system, works in conjunction with the bed's inclination to further prevent slippage and reduce pressure when the patient's back is raised. The patient can also assume a comfortable raised position that is similar to the normal sitting position, with the knees slightly bent and feet lowered.

    250mm Low Height Bed

    The minimum height from the floor to the mattress base surface is 250mm. This enhances a patient's stability and safety when sitting at the side of the bed as even patients with relatively small physiques can place their heels on the ground. A bed height equivalent to 40 to 50% of the caregiver's height is known to facilitate easier care.

    Light Weight and Easy to Operate

    125mm dia. double-wheel caster and easy-to-grip headboard and footboard allow smooth movement when transporting patients.

    Fall Prevention Alarm System

    The actuator detects the change of loading and judges whether a patient is on the bed or not. The patient will not be aware of the existence of the sensor as it is built-in.



Back Raise (degree)

0 to 75

Knee Raise (degree)

0 to 45


Total Length (mm)


Total Width (mm)



Mattress Base Height (mm)

250 to 615

Safe Working Load

Safe Working Load (kg)