KC-2000 Series Manual Type


  • Back and Knee Adjustment *

    Back and knee angle can be individually adjusted with operation levers to ensure optimal posture during examination. Operation levers are on both sides (left and right) of the table. This allows table to be placed against a wall without impending use of operation levers.
    *KC-2655C only

    4-part-base for Reducing Pressure on Abdominal Area*

    Compared to a 3-part-base, the 4-part-base reduces pressure on the patient's abdomen when the back raise function is used.
    *KC-2655C only

    Accessory Receptacles at Each Side of the Bed*

    Accessory receptacles at both sides of the table allow IV pole and side-rails to be installed.
    *KC-2614 series only.

    125mm Diameter Casters*

    Each pair of casters connected by a common axle can be lockked and unlocked from the left or right side, allowing the table to be placed against a wall.
    *KC-2614 series only.



Back Raise (degree)

0 to 70 *1

Knee Raise (degree)

0 to 25 *1


Total Length (mm)


Total Width (mm)



Total Height (mm)

525 *1
450 *2

*1 KC-2655C Back and Knee Raise Function

*2 KC-2614 Series Caster Type