Nursing Wagon

Supporting KAIZEN activities


  • Makes Work More Efficient

    The unique shape of the legs improves accessibility to the wagon and prevents nurses maneuver or approach the wagon.

    Easy to Clean

    The edge of one side of the top tray is concave. This allows a user to use a mouse with less burden on his/her wrist. Also, the surface and corners of the tray are easy to clean due to its smooth design. In addition, the tray is made from polypropylene so it does not make loud noises even if scissors and other items are dropped onto it.

    Setting Things in Order Easily

    The provision of semi-transparent drawers for tidy storage of smaller items enhances work efficiency because it allows the contents of the drawer to be confirmed before the drawer is opened. The height of the middle tray can be adjusted to match the way that the wagon is used in the daily work of caregivers.



Total Length (mm)


Total Width (mm)

991 *1
614 *2

Total Height (mm)


*1 Accessories Type

*2 Drawer Type