KC-2000 Series Electric Type


  • Seamless Height Adjustment

    Height of examination table can be easily adjusted to suit the requirements of the patient or medical personnel. The patient is thus able to get on and off the examination table at an appropriate height while the medical personnel is able to adjust the table's height to suit the nature of the examination.

    Telescopic Cover

    A telescopic cover has been adopted to improve both safety and easy to clean. (through allowing wiping.)

    Foot Switch

    Elevation pedals can be used to adjust the height to any value between 400 and 950mm. Further more, up to 2 height values can be recorded using the Position Memory Function.


    When the table is placed on uneven ground, four adjusters can be used to make the necessary adjustments without the need for tools.



Total Length (mm)


Total Width (mm)

650 *1
700 *2

Total Height (mm)

400 to 950

*1 KC-2510

*2 KC-2520