Pediatric Bed CB-5 Series

Safer environment for children

  • Pediatric Bed CB-5 Series

The CB-5 series of pediatric bed not only helps to prevent falls from the bed,but also creates a comfortable and healthy environment for children. At the same time, the convenience of use also improves the workflow efficiency of caregivers.


  • Side-rail with Safe Height

    The slide-down side-rail has an effective height of approx. 80 cm, helping to prevent the child from falling from the bed.

    Safety Lock + Double Lever Mechanism

    A double-lock lever and safety lock mechanism have been adopted to prevent the child from falling over, should he/she attempt to lower the slide-down side-rail by himself/herself. Even after being unlocked, the height of the side-rail can only be adjusted with both hands.


    1 Crank type is also available.
    For more information, please ask Paramount Bed or your distributor.



Head Angle (degree)

0 to 75

Knee Angle (degree)

0 to 45 *1


Total Length (cm)

208.3 *1

Total Width (mm)

103.9 *1


Total Height (cm)

152.4 *1

*1 2 Crank